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Using AntiCheat is really straightforward. AntiCheat Free gives you the opportunity to protect your fields / variables and protected player prefs.

Field/Variable protection

Most of your data, for example, positions or health, is stored in the runtime memory. This memory is easily accessible by cheat tools or data sniffers. To prevent unwanted modification of the data in the memory, you have to encrypt it. To do so, you can use AntiCheats protected fields, to protect your application runtime data against cheater.

The usage is simple. Just use the protected types instead of the regular ones and read / write / calculate as you are used to:

PlayerPrefs protection

Unitys PlayerPrefs are useful to store user settings and user data. Unfortunately, these are not protected or encrypted and can be easily modified. To prevent this, you can use the AntiCheat Protected PlayerPrefs.

Also here, the usage is simple. The protected PlayerPrefs allow you to use 2 different methods:

-> ProtectedPlayerPrefs: Replaces the default functions of the Unity PlayerPrefs and adds some new ones. The protected prefs will be stored at the know default location.

-> ProtectedFileBasedPlayerPrefs: Is a custom implementation of the Unity PlayerPrefs allowing to store the player prefs protected at a custom file path. To assign a custom file path, set ProtectedFileBasedPlayerPrefs.FilePath. Now use ProtectedFileBasedPlayerPrefs like you would use the default Unity PlayerPrefs.