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About us

Who we are

GuardingPearSoftware is a company founded in Germany in 2017 (formerly OrangePearSoftware), which has recently moved to the beautiful city of Münster.

With Unity version 3 (2012) the idea of not only playing games but also developing them was born. But while developing the question emerged, how do I secure my property? Maybe the same question that leads you here. So the search began to find a way to protect source code, assets or even whole applications. But non coherent solution was found.

And so the story of GuardingPearSoftware began…

Why choose us

From developers for developers. Here at GuardingPearSoftware, we ‘work around you, not the other way around’, we strive to provide exceptional levels of service to our customers, and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. We work closely with you to ensure that we deliver the best possible results every time, even in a stressed market.


Specialized in encryption and security techniques!


We secure not only but protect your game!


All products are documented and include samples or tutorials!


Within 24 hours every contact will be answered!

Our experience

The experience in some more tangible numbers.

C# Development - 12+ years
Serialization Techniques - 11+ years
Unity3D - 10+ years
Encryption Techniques - 9+ years
Resources Management - 9+ years