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Teleportation Hack Detected (Pro)

Step 1: AntiCheat Prefab

Add the OPS\AntiCheat\Prefabs\AntiCheat.prefab to your first game scene.

Step 2: Behaviour

To make the Teleportation Hack Detector work, you have to attach the AntiTeleportation, which you can find at ‘OPS.AntiCheat.Behaviour’, to your moving GameObject. Recommended are player objects.

Set the AntiTeleportation Field ‘MaxSpeed’ to an allowed maximal speed (meters per seconds). If some gameobject moves faster, it gets set to it maximal allowed distance.

To apply some allowed telportation, use the AntiTeleportation method ‘TeleportTo’.

Step 3: Detector

If some player teleports or moves to fast! You get notified!

You can attach an delegate getting called when a teleportation is detected.