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1. Step: Create PKV Keys

Creating some Licence is a bit more complex than creating a product key. At first, if not done, you have to create the Partial Key Verification (PKV) public and private keys. The private key is used to create product keys and the public to validate those.

You can either create thoses keys through the gui (Unity->Window->LicenceMe Settings):

Or through code:

2. Step: Create RSA Keys

The Partial Key Verification is used to create user individuell product keys. The next step is to add those product keys some complex condition. To do this LicenceMe uses RSA.

So you have to create the public and private RSA keys. Either through the gui:

Or through code:

3. Step: Create a licence

The licence creation uses the created private keys to create some new licence.

You can either create a licence through the gui:

Or through code (Example: Device depended licence):

4. Step: Validate a licence

The licence validation uses the public keys for validation.

Again this can be done through the gui.

Or more recommended through code:

Optional: 5. Step: Custom conditions

LicenceMe contains three included licence conditions (Trial/DeviceId/Name). You can either extend those or create custom conditions.

To do so, inherit the class: