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What is an Obfuscator?

Obfuscation is a term from software engineering and describes the intentional modification of program code so that the source code is difficult for humans to understand or retrieve. The goal is to greatly increase the effort of reverse engineering in order to make modifications, the unintentional copying of program parts or the theft of intellectual property more difficult or to disguise the functionality of e.g. malware.

What is GuardingPearSoftware’s Obfuscator?

GuardingPearSoftware’s Obfuscator is designed to protect your property from theft and analyzation. Designed specifically for Unity, it secures the source code of your applications and games. While the Obfuscator supports all current Unity platforms and build targets, integration is simple. Simply add the Obfuscator asset and build your game as usual. The Obfuscator automatically inserts itself into the build process and works its magic. Once the build is complete, your assemblies are protected.

What is the difference between Obfuscator Free and Pro?
Features Free Pro
‘Assembly-CSharp’ obfuscation
‘Assembly-CSharp-firstpass’ obfuscation
Assets ‘Assembly Definition Files’ obfuscation
Packages ‘Assembly Definition Files’ obfuscation
Custom assembly obfuscation
Namespace name obfuscation
Class name obfuscation
Method name obfuscation
Field name obfuscation
Property name obfuscation
Event name obfuscation
Parameter name obfuscation
Monobehaviour subclasses name obfuscation
ScriptableObject subclasses name obfuscation
PlayableObject subclasses name obfuscation
String obfuscation
Random code applying