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What does a licensing system do?

A licence is an official permission or permits to do, use, or own something. A license can be granted by a party to another party as an element of an agreement between those parties. A shorthand definition of a license is “an authorization to use licensed material.” Licensing systems manage the creation and validation of licences.

What does LicenceMe do?

LicenceMe allows you to manage game or application licensing by yourself, making you independent of selling platforms. You obtain the possibility to solve the three common licensing questions (and even more):

  • Creation and validation of product keys (Like: SJJDNK-KT6NL4-2RE7DH-NSCYZY)
  • Creation and validation of trials or demos.
  • Creation and validation of licences bond to devices or companies.

But how does LicenceMe do this?

It combines two methods: Partial Key Verification (PKV) (commonly used in the game industry to create product keys) and RSA (an asymmetric encryption / decryption algorithm).

PKV gives you the opportunity to create product keys and simple condition based product keys, for example username/email/… depending.

The RSA encryption allows you to create trials/demos or complex condition based licences (for example device/company/… depending),
by repacking and encrypting the PKV created product key.