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Unitys built applications consist of two components, the application assemblies (the game logic) and resources. Shipped with the application, both are unprotected. To protect the source code, you could use an Obfuscator. But the resources, like models, materials, sound are still not protected. To protect those valuable assets, prevent them from stealing or manipulation, GuardingPearSoftware’s AssetProtection got developed. It encrypts your assets making them unaccessable for Asset unpacker.

GuardingPearSoftware’s AssetProtection supports all Unity3D Asset types. The protection and so encryption of those Assets is very easy and seperated in user-friendly steps:

Step 1: Through an editor extension you can directly mark your assets that shall get protected.
Step 2: Use the protected classes specially designed to load encrypted assets.
Step 3: Call the encryption process before you build your game.

That’s it, your assets are protected!