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Step 1:

After importing the Anti Cheat package, open ‘Assets/OPS/AntiCheat/Prefabs’. Here you find the AntiCheat prefab. Place it in the first scene. (The scene with the number 0, defined in your build settings.) The AntiCheat prefab activates the hacking detectors.

Step 2:

To attach to the detectors activated in step 1, open your programming environment. Create a Detector class ( for example have a look at the DetectorsDemo ). The best is to create a MonoBehaviour and add it to some GameObject in your first scene too, while attaching a DoNotDestroyBehaviour too, so the GameObject won’t be destroyed when you switch a scene.

Step 3:

The next step you wanna do is protect your fields. Replace your normal used fields through protected one and use them like you used your fields before.

Possible Operations with Protected Field Types:

Step 4:

The next step is to protect your PlayerPrefs. Just like in Step 3, add the Protected and so use ProtectedPlayerPrefs instead of PlayerPrefs. Now your PlayerPrefs are protected against user manipulation.