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Wall Hack Detector (Pro)

Step 1: AntiCheat Prefab

Add the OPS\AntiCheat\Prefabs\AntiCheat.prefab to your first game scene.

Step 2: Detector

The ComputerTime Detector checks if some user adjusts his computer time to maybe cheat.

You can attach an delegate getting called when a wall hack is detected.

Step 3: How a user uses wallhacks

Some user may modify game assemblies to achieve some advantages.

For example in a game like Rust he adds this:

This searchs for all StructureComponent and deactivates them. So he can see through and interact through walls.

Step 4: How AntiCheat prevents this

AntiCheat searchs actively while runtime for modified assemblies and notifies you if some change got detected.

Note: The WallHackDetector is only available for Mono Builds. Please remove the WallHackDetector from the AntiCheat prefab / gameobject if you use IL2CPP.